Our educational proposal

In the educational area, ConCuerpos aims to create spaces for inclusive contemporary dance training that allow people with and without disabilities to expand their potential for movement and to develop creative abilities.

We offer a permanent Class in Bogota, an annual Teacher Training Workshop and we carry out special workshops in alliances with organizations, adapting the contents to the specific needs of each group.

Our pedagogy recognizes the diversity of human beings and contributes to the construction of a fairer and more equitable society.

Special Workshops

ConCuerpos has a unique inclusive dance proposal that has been developed over more than 12 years of experience and pedagogical research, as pioneers in the field in Colombia.

The main objective of the workshops is for the participants to find a better understanding of their body and its possibilities of movement, recognizing their uniqueness within the group. In this way, each person gains more freedom and pleasure in movement, while finding spaces for meeting and creating with others.

In this sense, it is important to highlight that the goal of our workshops is not for people to learn a series of steps, but for them to experiment and create new ways of moving through specific work guidelines, using awareness, improvisation and creation.

Our workshops are aimed at people with and without physical, sensory or cognitive disabilities, interested in an experience of inclusion and willing to move. It can be a group of educators, dancers, athletes or therapists. It is important to clarify that we adjust the contents of the workshops to each group.

The group must have diverse people because the encounter is at the core of the practice. This applies with restrictions to different ages, as we prefer to work with groups that are of a similar age. We offer workshops for children, youth, adults and seniors.

In general, the quota is approximately 20 people, which depends on the space available.

One of our principles is horizontality, since this strengthens relationships that allow everyone free expression and the contribution of ideas in an equitable manner. Therefore, if caregivers participate, they do so as active participants as well

The workshop is mainly practical and is based on different warm-up exercises, exploration, technical study and creative development. However, the process includes moments of reflection and socialization about what has been experienced in search of generating reflections on disability, dance, the body and inclusion.

While the focus is on developing the body’s own mobility, for some exercises we invite participants to work without their support tools (wheelchairs, canes, crutches, etc.) as long as this is not inconvenient or a risk and that it is a liberating experience for the person.

One of our main tools is respectful and sensitive physical contact. It is important to clarify from the beginning if this is a problem for someone and thus look for alternatives.

If there is participation of deaf people, it is necessary to have an LSC interpreter and the whole group will be invited to learn this language.

Depending on the financing possibilities, there will be an audiovisual record documenting the process. The photographic and video material is delivered to the financing entity and ConCuerpos keeps the right to said material for its investigations and to socialize its work.

Our teachers have a professional degree in Arts or Human Sciences, are professional dancers and have also trained nationally and internationally specifically in inclusive contemporary dance.

The team is made up of:

  • 2 teachers
  • 1 Sign Language interpreter
  • 1 assistant 
  • 1 audiovisual artist in charge of the documentation


  • Initial exploration workshop.
  • Dance-contact workshop.
  • Creation workshop.
  • Teacher Training workshop 


  • Introductory workshop (from 1 to 2 sessions. Each session of 3 hours)
  • Special workshop (from 5 to 7 sessions)
  • Intensive workshop (from 15 to 30 sessions)
  • Extended workshop (over several months)
  • Adequate space for accessible dance of minimum 8mt X 6mt. with good lighting and ventilation. May or may not have full-length mirrors.
  • The floor must be suitable for lying on it (wood or linoleum)
  • Adequate sound equipment or amplification speaker 
  • Comfortable clothing for exercise such as sweatshirts, shorts, and t-shirts. The workshops are preferably carried out without shoes.
  • If there are people in the group who require specialized attention, it is important to have a professional or person in charge of accompanying them. 

Please write us with the proposal of dates and other details to be able to send you a full proposal


We offer various types of inclusive dance workshops focused on the unique needs of each group. Find here everything you need to know if you are interested in a ConCuerpos workshop.