We will perform our work IRA twice in Utrecht.  We will start each performance with an introductory talk to give context, present a documentary about the creation process and talk about the importance of inclusion in the dance field. 

July 15th 2022

Performance 1 – 18:30 -20:00 h

Performance 2 – 20:30-22:00 h

Domplein 4, Theaterzaal DOMUS, Utrecht

IRA is a 2 parts work that addresses how the feeling of anger arises in the face of injustice and has the potential to generate individual and collective change. In the first part choreographer Diana Leon presents anger as a motor source, as an explosion that allows a rebirth. Where do the different expressions of anger live in the body? What states does it provoke? In the second part choreographer Laisvie Ochoa investigates the place of anger in the sentimental configuration of Colombian identity. She was inspired by the photo and audio registration of the event known as El Bogotazo (April 9, 1948), where collective anger spread throughout the country in search of revolution.


We will offer a workshop at DansCentrum Utrecht

July 12th – 19:00 -22:00h / €25

Domplein 4, Torenzaal. Utrecht

In this inclusive dance workshop, the dancers from ConCuerpos will share the creative tools that they developed during the creation process of their dance work IRA. For that creative project, the company started a research on the aesthetics of access, which means to integrate accessibility elements such as subtitles, audio descriptions, and Sign Language within the dramaturgy of the work and not as added tools. In this way, the company is developing a unique artistic language that is both inclusive and accessible. The workshop will start with an encounter with one’s own body, its singularity and its possibilities of movement to establish a broad range of movement qualities. After that, the participants will experiment with different exercises to gain greater freedom and openness to the pleasure of dance in relation to time and space. The next level will be the encounter between diverse people, acknowledging what we share and what makes us unique to enjoy relationships from creativity and respect. The last part will be focused on the relationship between Sign Language and dance, enhancing the kinetic characteristic of this language in choreographic terms.

WORKSHOP: Dance, dance, dance with Mateo Mejia Mejia

We will offer a special workshop with the support of ELAP Center. 

July 14th – 19:00 -22:00h / €30

Studio 3, Weg naar Rhijnauwen 3, Utrecht

With this workshop, I invite the participants to deepen the notion of listening. Listening conceived from the dimension of sound and music, but also from its spatial and relational dimensions. Through guided improvisation practices, the participants will investigate how the pulse, the melody, and other constitutive elements of musical architecture can be the triggers for their movement. Therefore, it is a Music workshop applied to Dance and movement, but at the same time a space for developing improvisation tools. It has to do with the pleasure of moving and being moved, the drop of sweat that doesn’t wait, the restless body. The question then has to do with something more nuclear, less formal, inevitably alive. A body that moves, and in that movement invents the language from which it relates to its environment.



We are very excited because we have been invited to the Festival Gathered Together in Scotland from the 6th to the 9th of July 2022. After that, we will be visiting the Netherlands from the 10th to the 17th of July 2022 to perform our work IRA and to offer inclusive dance workshops. So we have our first little European tour! Some expenses are covered by the Festival, but we still need to raise more funds to cover the international health insurance, visa to the UK, local travel, accommodation, and food.  We would highly appreciate your support to help us expand our inclusive work internationally. Thanks!

You can donate here:


Scotland’s leading inclusive dance company, Indepen-dance, will present Gathered Together 2022 at Tramway (Glasgow) from Wednesday 6 – Saturday 9 July. Over four days, the festival will host performances from some of the world’s leading inclusive dance organisations.

There will also be opportunities for dance artists and people interested in inclusive dance practice to come together and share skills, techniques and knowledge through a program of practical workshops. In addition, the event will include talks by keynote speakers.

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