ConCuerpos brings new ethics and aesthetics to the dance field

ConCuerpos is the pioneering contemporary dance company in Colombia that includes dancers with and without disabilities in their creative work. The company’s political commitment includes breaking down barriers of participation, transforming static notions about dance, and contributing new ethics and aesthetics to the socio-cultural context.

ConCuerpos’ artistic proposal prioritizes singularity and values difference, creating innovative and high-quality productions. Currently, the company is developing an artistic research on the aesthetics of access lead by. Laisvie Andrea Ochoa and Diana León,  the driving force behind ConCuerpos. This duo has been collaborating for more than 5 years to develop inclusive practices and accessibility in their work.


Our works:

Our artistic proposal puts singularity first and values difference.

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The company started in 2009 under the direction of Paulina Avellaneda, Carolina Caballero, and Laisvie Andrea Ochoa. Thanks to the support of the British Council Colombia, the first work, Azul, was created, directed by the English choreographer, expert in inclusion, Charlotte Darbyshire, and with original music by Jules Maxwell. In 2010 the work TR-9B5 directed by the English choreographer Sarah Storer was produced. This repertoire was circulated locally, nationally, and internationally, highlighting the participation in the Vertientes Festival in Chile until 2011.

Later, thanks to the invitation of the National Museum to participate in its Bicentennial exhibition, ConCuerpos begins a new creative project with the outstanding national choreographer Natalia Orozco. This project PENDIENTE (2010-2014) diversified into the creation of four different versions, always adapted to the specific places where it was performed.

In 2013 the company is renewed with a second cast of dancers and the aim became to create from the talent within the company, reflecting the research on the inclusion of the group. This is how the video dance and the stage work Táctil were created, under the direction of Laisvie Ochoa. These works started the research on the relationship between Sign Language and Choreography. These works were presented nationally and in Venezuela.

In 2014 Singular was created, as a co-creation between Laisvie Andrea Ochoa and Carolina Caballero, where the concept of normality is questioned and the beauty of difference is exalted. This work circulated locally, nationally, and internationally at the First Latin American Meeting of Dance and Integration 2016 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In 2015 the company won the Fulbright Specialist Grant and the Creation Grant from the Ministry of Culture of Colombia to produce Nada es Fijo under the direction of the renowned American choreographer Victoria Marks. The work is presented at the 2016 Gathered Together Festival in Glasgow, Scotland.

Since 2016 the company has been directed by Laisvie Andrea Ochoa and in 2017 a third cast was consolidated, including dancers who have trained for several years in the Permanent Class of ConCuerpos and producing the work David under the direction of Andrés Lagos, where the question about the sensuality of diverse bodies is opened.

In 2019 the company won the Idartes Creation Grant thanks to which 2/3 and Un Baño was created, under the direction of Diana León and the dramaturgy of Laisvie Andrea Ochoa. In 2020 the company adapted the piece to telematic dance, performing on Zoom live for the audience due to the COVID pandemic. 

In 2021 the company was invited to co-produce a new work by the Julio Mario Santo Domingo theater. IRA is a tryptic-like piece directed by Laisvie Ochoa, Diana León, and renoun guest Choreographer Valerie Green from NY. With this work, the company started to develop a new artistic language based on the notion of Universal Accessibility. 

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